Troubleshooting your humidifier Troubleshooting your humidifier

Troubleshooting your humidifier

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In general, it is best to run your humidifier on a flat, level surface. If it is unstable or uneven, water may not flow properly which can cause leaking.

I’m noticing a film of white dust—what is it and how do I prevent it?
The humidifier does not add anything new into the air; it will only output whatever is poured into it. If you notice a layer of “white dust” after using the humidifier, the water used may have a high concentration of minerals. This is a common side effect of using hard water with an ultrasonic humidifier. To reduce mineral deposits, we recommend that you regularly clean the humidifier as detailed in the manual. Also, fill the tank with distilled water if your model allows. If distilled water is inaccessible, purified or filtered water are much better alternatives to tap water. Depending on your humidifier model, you can also use Levoit absorption pads found here (LV600HH) or here (top-fill models). Absorption pads help reduce mineral buildup (scaling) inside the humidifier, especially on the heating element.
What is scaling? How do I descale my humidifier?

“Scaling” looks like white flaky or chalky buildup along surfaces of the humidifier. It can be caused by high mineral content in hard water.

To descale your humidifier, soak the humidifier components in vinegar and gently wipe down the surfaces. For smaller crevices, you can use a pipe cleaner or a small brush to scrub off the scaling.

To minimize scaling, we recommend only using distilled or purified water in your humidifier and regular cleaning with vinegar.

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