Can I run my air purifier 24/7?
Yes, you can—depending on your personal needs and current air quality, you can run the air purifier continuously or just a few hours a day. However, if you run the air purifier constantly (or at a higher fan speed), the filter may not last as long. If you run the air purifier a few hours a day as needed, the filter will last longer.

As with any electronic device, we recommend supervising its use and turning it off if you are away for extended periods of time, such as when you leave the house.

Where should I place my air purifier?

If possible, place your air purifier toward the center of your room. This allows for even air intake and circulation throughout your space. In general, it is recommended to place your air purifier on a flat, stable surface with the display facing up. Some smaller models such as the Core Mini, LV-H128, and the Vista 200 can be placed on a coffee table, nightstand, or shelf. Make sure to allow at least 15 inches of clearance on all sides of the air purifier and keep away anything that would block airflow, such as curtains.

Note: It is not recommended to place the air purifier on a soft surface, such as carpet.

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